Monday, April 24, 2006

Yay! Craft night.

My friend Lori has organized a craft night to benefit The Victory Junction Gang. Victory Junction is this cool summer camp for kids with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses.

The camp is totally free to the campers and it gives these kids a chance to do all sorts of fun summer camp-y things in a medically safe environment.

They have this cool crafty side where all of the beds at the camp are covered with handmade quilts that people have donated. And all of the campers are given an afghan and a teddy bear to take home. Pretty neat.

And obviously this is where craft night comes in. Hopefully we'll find some teddy bears and afghans at the bottom of a few wine bottles this evening. (You can find the greatest things at the bottom of a bottle of wine)

I'm planning to make a blue basket weave afghan. I like the look of basket weave knitting - it's quick to knit and not too girly. Should be okay for some of the more manly campers.

Plus it doesn't involve the P2Tog/K2Tog into the back of the same stitch nonsense that is currently the bane of my existence. (Little progress to report on my mystery knitting project - starting a new project probably won't help that either).

To keep things interesting, I've decided I can invent my own pattern for this afghan. I have a pattern for a basket weave scarf - we'll see how my pattern extrapolation skills go this evening.

Since I am in Kentucky, I feel like I should point out that we have an awesome summer camp for kids with cancer. It is called Indian Summer. Unfortunately, they don't seem to need any craft projects, but they could probably use a donation if you are able to make one.


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