Monday, December 11, 2006

Mail Bag, Part 3 - Ornaments!

As I was saying, lots and lots of great things have been appearing at my doorstep lately.

This includes the submissions for a holiday ornament swap from GetCrafty. I cannot believe how awesome everyone's submissions were. There were quite a few ideas I may be stealing in the future.

(Sorry for all of the different sized photos - in cropping to compensate for my shoddy photography, they seem to have all ended up different)

Quornflour made these very cool sequined balls. The red and blue ones were covered with fabric scraps as well as beads. So sparkly and fun.

Athos' ornaments are top secret. Can't show you. Sorry. But if you got one in the mail and the tag had fallen off, they were wrapped like this:

for_esme got the gold star for timely submission. Her adorable felt owls were the first to arrive. I took a picture of the whole flock before I sent them out.

Petal also worked in felt. She made these great beaded snowflakes. I'm completely intimidated by how symmetrical and perfect these are. Nothing I make is symmetric.

All of binah's ornaments were different. She made these miniature quilts and stockings and a great little mini-bag.

Researchasaurus made these lovely embroidered circles.

Artgeek made these really intricate floral embroidered rectangles. I tried to do a bit of embroidery for some toys (pictures coming soon) recently. Yeah, I'm terrible at it. I'm totally impressed by the quality of researchasaurus and artgeek's stitching and detail.

Lilmissthrifty made these Martha-inspired button wreaths. It didn't show well in the photos, but she has interspersed cool little beads and holiday charms so there are little surprises when you look closely.

Gusmarco made these fun Nightmare Before Christmas collages. The photo doesn't really show off the dimension and sparkle that they have in real life.

Mazelpants made these beautiful little nativity scenes out of matchboxes.

See what I mean? Everyone is so creative and talented. This was a very fun swap to coordinate. Although it was not without its headaches. A couple of packages seem to have been lost to the abyss - and by abyss I mean United States Postal Service. Hopefully, they have just been misdirected and will still turn up some day and are not lost forever.

And if any of you still have holiday crafting to complete, hopefully you'll be inspired by one of these lovely handmade designs. (I think there's still time to add ornaments to our list of holiday crafting ideas)


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Pretty! Pretty!

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous PaperDollyGirl said...

WOW! Everyone's ornaments are SO lovely. Thanks for the write-up on the swap and for organizing.


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