Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mail Bag, Part Two - My Sister Rules

Not only do I have a fantastic secret pal who sends me swell things in the mail, I have an awesome sister.

Despite being totally MIA on her crafty blogging, Emily rules. During her travels to the Arctic Circle last winter (yes, Emily and her best friend went to Finland in the middle of winter, you know, when it's cold and dark pretty much all of the time. For the record, "Emily rules" and "Emily is completely nuts" are not mutually exclusive statements)...

Sorry, during her travels to the Arctic Circle last winter, Emily was kind enough to put in a good word for me with the big man himself...

that's right, Santa Claus!

Father Christmas!

Jolly Old St. Nick!

Mr. Kringle (if you're nasty)

Check me out - I have written documentation of my standing on the list of good girls and boys this year.

Personal correspondence from the one and only Santa - who just so happens to be my true friend forever.

And you know it is official because it was mailed from the Arctic Circle. Plus, it says so:

It's a genuine greeting. I totally love it.

On a slightly less magical yet slightly more crafty note, I also got Emily's Christmas card this week. She is a way more advanced card-maker than me, but this one I think I could replicate:

I think I would need the next size smaller circle cutter, but otherwise, how fun is this?

I can punch circles out of scrap paper. I could totally do this. My scrap paper isn't as cute as Emily's, but if any of you are still thinking you want to make your holiday cards this year but you haven't started yet - I give you the bubble wreath. Or at least that's what I'm calling it. You could probably knock quite a few of these out before admitting defeat and buying a box of cards.


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