Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mail Bag, Part 4 - The Sampler

Betcha didn't realize there'd be four parts when I started my ode to mail...

But the other fantastic thing that my mail carrier was kind enough to leave at my door was the December/January issue of the Sampler.

If you are not familiar with the Sampler, it is a monthly mailing of awesome promotional items from indie businesses, crafters, artists and the like. Or, more accurately, about as much fun as you can possibly cram into a 9x12 envelope.

You can subscribe to the Sampler, or if you are a contributor, you get a free copy. You may remember these mini-button idea books from my October craft binge.

s&em designs submitted a bunch of these little books for the Dec/Jan issue, which meant that I got all this in return:

A beautiful wall calendar from MilleFeuille Photography. Her photos of Africa are stunning - check out her website and you'll see what I mean.

This little "Vacation Days" scrapbook kit from Chronicle Books. They must have known about my love for and aversion to buying scrapbooking supplies when they sent me this.

Eclectic Jewelry Artisans is a collective of artists who promote their jewelry together. My pair of yin yang earrings was made by Ahna.

Okay, I had to start making groups - there were too many goodies. I got...

a mini issue of Craft: (Yay! Craft:)
a super-cute Christmas card from Jaime Zollars (her illustrations are adorable - despite the deforestation imagery going on here)
a Mandala card from Serpent Mandalas (really cool intricate designs)
and a portrait card from Heavenly Skull (apparently you can have your own picture made into art cards which would be pretty fun)

More, more, more!

handmade paper from Panda Girl (yay- more free cardmaking supplies)
a crocheted flower from Handmade Obsessions (handy since I can't crochet - I think this would be so cute on a knit hat)
a crocheted skull ornament from Emily Kircher, Recycling Artist (adds just the right touch of kitcsh and the macabre to my tree)
a fabric bracelet from Carly Couture (the bags and hoodies on her website are adorable)

And there' s still more! Seriously how great is this?

a birds nest charm from Yankee Girl Deisgns
little beaded earrings from Cherry Runway
a glass chip necklace from the Starving Artist Bazaar
a polymer clay magnet from Nice Clutter
holiday pins from the Glitter Workshop
a little package of collage supplies from Maison Celeste
delicious smelling loose leaf tea from Herb + Ginger
a mini-melt to make your house smell nice from Martinsville Emporium
a pretty orange button from Saidie
a snowman button from Kittycrossbones18
a magnet from EtsyDarkArt - mine was handpainted watercolor paper from AsilArt

Okay, I think that's everything. I love it all. I don't know if our participation will actually translate to increased sales, but it was totally worth it to get all of this fun stuff in the mail. Once you have all of the glue gun t-shirts you need, you should definitely check out some of these websites for holiday giving. Lots of beautiful one-of-a-kind things to be found.


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