Friday, October 06, 2006

Co-op Card

Whew - I made my cards! I mailed them all back to Susan for fun, so she has four to mail out. I am also making fall cards for all participants - photo to follow!

Here is the first one. I received burgundy paper, a brown card, the turkey button, the burgundy ribbon and the gold see-thru ribbon....I added the letters. The letters are from the Dollar store. $1 for 2 alphabets. I'm not sure I'd "trust" the quality for scrapping...but great scores for carding!

Grrr - in the photo you see my tape runner under the gold vellum. It is not this noticeable in real life I SWEAR! All of this card was Susan's "crap"...but I stamped my trees onto her paper. One tree is metallic gold ink -- cool!

Ok - I was stumped on this one. In my envelope of stuff, most was "Christmas" of "fall" color families...then two neon sheets. So I added the ribbon, flowers and brads.

Seeeeee...c'mon - the neon was totally "one of these cards is not like the other" (sing it in your head). This card is all mailed items! I am unsure what the smudges are...some camera ghost.

Hope everyone thought it was fun...I'll dream up another swap soon!


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