Thursday, September 21, 2006

Now with actual crafting...

Did you think that all I was going to accomplish this week was a few pirate jokes and project links? Because for a while there, I did.

Last night I cut out a bunch of pictures for buttons. ChristineRenee has a pretty sweet deal at her etsy shop where if you send her circles, she'll send you back buttons. You should definitely check it out - except you know, not until she is done making my buttons.

A while back I attended one of those scrapbooking home parties where you feel guilty if you don't buy anything. And this was before I started scrapbooking. I bought a large circle punch, thinking I might use it for other crafts. Last night, I think I finally got my money's worth for that thing. This would have taken forever with scissors. More on the buttons to come.

I also made a few more shirts using freezer paper stencils. I tried it once and I was hooked. Well, I guess I didn't make the shirts - I found them on the clearance rack for like $2. But I made 'em fancy for my friend's birthday. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this, so I feel safe giving y'all a sneak peek.

My camera may need new batteries, but I think you can still tell this is a brown wife beater with a chicken on the hip. Stencils + ribbing is something I may need to practice a bit more. This didn't come out perfectly, but I still think it is cute.

This is a close-up on the chicken. He's blue. You can make your own jokes, it wasn't my most subtle work. The chicken came from Microsoft clip art.

I also made her a blue t-shirt with some swallows on it. The swallows came from the Fitzpattern stencils that Make posted recently. (And thank you to Handmade Detroit for posting the link, because I totally would have missed this)

This is a close-up on the swallows. The gold one isn't quite that gaudy in real life. Well, maybe it is. I used Tulip soft fabric paints for all three birds.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Emily said...

chicken? c'mon
ROCK on!

At 8:47 PM, Blogger Briana said...

Sooo cute! Love the outfits!!!


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