Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mail - oh how I love mail!!! C4

Woohoooooooooo! After a swell 10 hour day at work where I was consistently well treated, respected, inspired and praised....HA! I came home to mail! Mail! I love mail! Not crappy bill mail or pizza flyer dear resident mail...but honest-to-god-made-an-effort-wrote-your-name-fancy-on-a-special-envelope-mail!!!!!!

Susan mailed me her crafty crap for my co-op card. She also included a card making magazine and a candy bar. Whee!!! As I licked the chocolate from my fingers I tore apart my booty!

I have three buttons, six cardstock cards, four envelopes, five pieces of cardstock, some gold vellum scrap, a porcelain tag that I am too paranoid to use, and 11 different bits of ribbon. I am going to try to make some Fall/ Thanksgiving cards and mail one back to her. The gold inspired me to Fall. Susan said she used the gold for Christmas.

Susan also made me feel a tad guilty as I mailed Nic's envelope of crap the day mine came. We can't all be timely I guess! She also trumped me with the inclusion of a time I'll be cooler! I'll report back on how I do creating my co-op card! Or perhaps will be sooooo fancy it will be worthy of Susan reporting back....hint hint...openly compliment begging...hint hint...


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad you like it.

-Susan (who is not really anonymous but doesn't feel like setting up a blogger account)


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