Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mail Bag, Part 5 - So Spoiled.

This is getting completely out of hand. There weren't supposed to be 5 mail bag posts, but my cheap @$$ secret pal is totally spoiling me.

These wonderful books arrived yesterday:

She has sent an awesome book of papercrafts. The authors seemed to have embraced my aesthetic of bright colors in simple, bold combinations (read: reproducible using paper and cardstock from the jumbo bargain pack) I already have 3 pages marked for things I want to try.

She also gave me some cool papers and a folder for organizing my knitting patterns - which should be a nice improvement over the wrinkled, dog-eared pile of knitty print outs currently littered across my desk.

And this fun book of Vogue Knitting vest patterns. I think it is time for me to move beyond variations on rectangles and attempt an actual garment. I think a vest would be a good entry level garment. (I'm not entirely sure what the VK book editors were thinking though. There are a bunch of really cute patterns in here. I have a few flagged as things to make for myself. There is a really cute baby sweater that I'm going to try and make for a little girl turning one at the end of this month. There are several more lovely Fair Isle patterns that I want to revisit when I'm brave enough to try colorwork. But seriously, and I apologize to any multi-colored check fans out there - the vest featured on the cover - that is a total Cosby sweater - not at all indicative of the rest of the book)

So thank you thank you thank you Secret Pal! We'll see if I can get my act together this weekend and maybe show you all some baby vest action soon.


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