Monday, June 05, 2006

Good cheese and good friends

A few years ago, my friend Harriet introduced me to the wonderful goat cheeses made at the Capriole farmstead. We spent a lovely afternoon petting the goats and tasting the cheeses up in southern Indiana.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, it is worth paying a visit to the farm. Failing that, check the cheese counter at your local grocer to see if they stock Capriole chevre. Their Fromage a Trois (hee) bourbon chocolate torta is about the greatest thing I have ever tasted. (It sounds gross I realize, trust me on this - you need to try it) You can order cheese from their website, but it is a bit pricey since you need to rush ship it.

Since it is now tomato season as well, I made this quick dish for a barbecue with friends over the weekend:

Goat cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes

2 oz herbed goat cheese (you could add your own herbs to plain, fresh goat cheese, but that just seems silly when the nice cheese people have already done it for you)
1 pt cored cherry tomatoes

The toughest part of this is coring the tomatoes. I had a cookbook suggest using a serrated spoon to hollow out the tomatoes - but that seemed a bit fussy. Cut a small circle off of the top of the tomatoes with a paring knife. Shove your finger into the tomato to get the seedy-liquidy part out. Doesn't have to be perfect, you just don't want everyone to squirt tomato juice on their cute barbecue clothes.

These are my tomatoes, all cored and ready to go.

Then I used my fingers to smoosh a dollop of cheese into each of the tomatoes. You could use a spoon or a spatula if you are so inclined, but that just means more dishes to wash.

Voila! The finished product. My presentation is a little lacking since I was packing these to take to a friend's house. They seem pretty fancy if you arrange them on a tray at your own house. You could get really crazy and garnish the tray with some of the herbs that are mixed into the cheese, but that's just not my life.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Sue, aka seiding said...

Yum! I look forward to my cherry tomatoes ripening so I can try this. On second thought, why wait--they have tomatoes at the store. Your crafty blog made me smile.


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