Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Scrapping Stress

Oh..I am back...and where was I you ask?...SCRAPBOOKING! I went to London in March...this spawned the need for a scrapbook.

And yes Beatles purists...I know we are out of order...however...it was 25 degrees and I still went barefoot. And what is not mentioned in any tour book is this is a 45 mph crosswalk with no stop...you need to make a dash and pray. No time to refer to the album cover.

This is only my second attempt at scrappin'. For the first I bought a kit...every page and embellishment perfectly matched...just insert photos. No problem. For London, I attempted to go it alone. THIS IS STRESSFUL! Maybe I am alone on this...but while I love amassing scrap and craft supplies. Coordinating it down to a matching album's worth almost broke me. I discovered I have at least 25 pages and stickers applicable for New Years Eve or a Champagne Party???? But they were of no use to me here. Also troubling is as all our friends seem to have babies...my days of having a Champagne Party are seriously numbered.

So back to the store I go. The meltdown begins. I find pages I like, but then can't find enough in the color family for a whole album. So where do I branch out? Do I flow through the book in some ROYGBIV fashion? Or do I look for a theme color to have reappear within different patterns? Do I buy embellishments? If so...what is a rule of thumb number on these? It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip...does this authorize many doodads per page? Or do I reign it in and choose a select few to reflect the refinement of the English culture? But they are so cute?!? Is there a happy medium?

Like job interview where you should have no more then three items of flair...ring-watch-scarf, buttons-ring-earrings etc........where do you go to find out if the little beads and stickers are in "accent mode" or if I am now a scrapping hillbilly with too many knicknacks and have the car-on-blocks-in-the-front-yard vacation album?

Aaaaaagh! Then...YOU CUT YOUR PHOTOS! So I then become insane trying to include the properly stationed BigBen behind my head while trimming a little off of my arms. Liposuction ala Fiskars Rotary Trimmer.

After hours in the store. Then mapping my album across the floor for color scheming...twice...as the dog decided to nap in my "beige and black" series...I begin. Then I worry I have too many photos of BigBen on the same page. But helloooooo I was a tourist. You really do get excited everytime you see it. Next thing you know there is a BigBen on every roll!

Then I try again. Oops, in trimming to perfect 4x4 inch squares I get too aggressive on one side and then we are falling off of the photo instead of happily centered in it. Oh. Can I add ribbon? Maybe. Then I glue the ribbon to my kitchen table. Clean table. Can I have a photo of BigBen with a die cut sticker of BigBen on the same page? Who knows? I bought a super cute umbrella sticker. Everyone thinks of rain when they think of London. We however experienced 9 days, no rain. Can I put in the umbrella on theme? Or am I unfairly playing to stereotypes. This is important as I believe Detroit should be a tourist destination...I can't very well be a Detroiter and then dog other cities with their skewed negativities can I? Skipped the umbrella. But it was cute. Perhaps I will mail "April Showers" cards in '07? Move on to a non-BigBen page. I actually get a little fancy and make my own page marrying patterned paper with a solid. Feeling good. Decide a little merlot would help. The merlot glass sweats onto the page. Start over. I discover the ribbon cannot be saved post merlot. Run back to store for more. In my state of panic I buy a scrapping paper organizer. After satisfying my Type-A issues I feel more zen. Return home. Merlot on coaster. Make three more pages. If you are counting I have been at this all day and completed four pages. Husband asks me which day I am on. I scream DAY ONE THIS IS HARD YOU A$#! He hides in the basement with the dog. By midnight I am on Day Three and only seven completed pages. 4 stickers. 9 doodads.

But then. After two furious weeks. It is complete. Everyone who asks to see photos says the album is "nice". "Nice" like actual sweat and toil was not involved. Like the price tag of this completed album doesn't rival the actual airfare to London. Nice.

For now I am retired from scrapbooking...bought more 12x12 paper today...so retired for now.

On a TOTALLY DIFFERENT UN-RANTY note....here is an amazing place we went for dinner in London. Ffiona's. Yes...that is Ffiona and she is ffabulous! Ever crafty, this independent business owner is open every day except for when she closes for spring vacation. She modgepodged the whole ceiling in sheet music. See her wine bottle candle holders! She joined us for a drink then cooked us the best dinner ever! It is small and intimate. The menu is handwritten on the wall every night but I suggest eating whatever Ffiona suggests.


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