Monday, July 31, 2006

Beat the Heat Budget BBQ

Well...Today metro Detroit is 97degrees or 100degrees dependent upon your choice of radio station. They all agree with the "heat index" we are at 105. We Midwesterners are people of the "wind chill" effect and hence don't cope well at 105.

My garden would have been "blog worthy" if it was not currently brown and wilty. It looks like I am purposefully growing the lettuce you forget about in your crisper.

So, unable to is time to BBQ. I am a party nut but also waaaay frugal. So as I save for new is my budget BBQ.

Sun Tea - Take a large glass sun tea pitcher or giant mason jar. Fill with water and tea bags. Leave in the sun all day. Cut with water and ice to serve. 6 tea bags = $1.
Lemonade - Kids of all ages love lemonade when it's hot. Mix up whatever's on sale...kool aid, country time etc. Enterprising adults can bring their own vodka flask. = $2
Red sangria - "Real Sangria" brand makes Sangria to die for in the bottle and in the box. Why yes, the box-o-wine has come along way! Generous service for 6 should be $30. Assuming one bottle per person. Or if you can find the box...two boxes will be a little more wine and $22-24. Same price as beer...but so so so glam. Buy frozen berries and peaches to use with the ice cubes and because they are cheaper than fresh. Cut up fresh orange slices....$6

Chicken legs and thighs. Easier to eat standing up, uses less of your forks, fast marinade, and $4 buys 20 pieces. I consider 3-4 pieces per person. Most of us are two legs but I guarantee one unknown guest will be a seven $8 to be safe...$2 for a pre-made marinade or BBQ or spice rub.
Rolls - get some basic dinner rolls...bread is good when plying guests with sangria. Skip anything requiring baking -- it just makes your house hotter. $4
Baked beans - I splurge on the vegetarian Busch's. The big can is $2.
Veggie - it's summer - something will be cheap and grillable. Asparagus in May, .....Zucchini June/ July, ............Summer Squash or Corn July/ August, .........Acorn Squash or potatoes in August/ September. $3.

Dessert -
Root Beer Floats - One scoop of ice cream in the bottom of a glass, fill to the top with RootBeer. You are pouring root beer on the ice cream so skip the expensive stuff...$5
S'mores - Use your grill or a fire pit or a table top smore's maker - $5

Total for 6 very full very drunk friends, without overheating your kitchen:
$68.00. Your savings are greater if you make the sides and dessert pot luck.

I'm free for dinner on Sunday!


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

man, I want some sangria.

At 5:47 PM, Blogger sgeddes said...

Great idea. I'll have a glass too.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Briana said...

I agree - it was super hot this week and I'm 8 months preggo!! It's nice it has cooled down!


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