Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let the Baby Showers Begin!

I am the unofficial Official Shower Hostess...and after 12 bridal's time to start up the baby showers! So here goes my first one...

We sent the invitations...

I "borrowed" the idea from Stampin' Up. The ladies at my scrapbooking store call it "scrap-lifting". (note I DID BUY the stamp set so it's not completely immoral) They used flowers instead of carriages for a garden party.

The outer card is half a sheet of 12x12 so you get two pockets per sheet. You fold up the bottom to fit the inner card of your liking. Remember to use 2-sided paper because of the fold. This would also be a cool design for a menu card holder at a place setting, or a gift card/ certificate holder.

I put the map and registry cards in the little pocket as well.

Cutting the ribbon is A PAIN!!!! The trick is to lay down the ribbon with a little over hang to fold over. Then pinch the ribbon for the knot, then cut it. Glue down the undersides (under the gingham fold) and then tie your knot. I tried to guess where off-center was and it was a disaster.

We made these assembly line fashion and made 30 in three hours. We lost some time by running out of tape runner and so you might be quicker.

After the shower I'll send party photos so you can see where else my gingham and carriages reappear!


At 11:46 PM, Blogger Briana said...

Love the cards! They are beautiful!


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