Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fancy Pants Website

Okay, so we're not that fancy yet, but we're learning.

We've made a couple of changes around here. We've added an email button over there on the right. Or as always, you can comment on any of our posts. We love comments. We love email. We love to hear about your crafty adventures and project ideas, so drop us a line. (for the record, we don't love pharmaceuticals, stock tips or other spammy messages, so please don't send those)

We've also updated our links. There are lots and lots of great blogs out there, but these are the ones we like. We tried to organize them by craft, but it's not a perfect system. The thing about creative people is that they are always surprising you and doing different things - which makes for great reading but is not so good for filing systems.

One of these days we'll actually understand html, then there will be no stopping us. Until then, enjoy the fancy pants new linkies.


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