Thursday, January 11, 2007

Um, how about red?

I thought I would have finished pink things to show you this week, but not so much. I do have some new red things, so hopefully you aren't all that particular about color.

The actual knitting of my pink scarf went so quickly, I was not prepared for the fringe to be anything but a formality. Boy was I wrong.

I have these pretty little pink beads that I thought would add some interest to the ends of the scarf. But, stringing the little suckers is kind of a pain.

On my prototype fringe, I decided I liked the look of one beaded strand among several unadorned strands (not sure why the photo came out so green). This cuts down on the beading a little, but I'm still hoping that elves will come in at night and finish this up for me.

So far, I have beaded enough strands for one side of the scarf but haven't attached any since the prototype. And there's still no sign of the elves.

As a distraction, I've started working on a baby vest - my first non-accessory! - and have completed the back. In theory, it should a fit a 2 year old. In practice, it would fit a fifth grader. It is 100% cotton yarn, and I'm really hoping that this will shrink in a similar fashion. I guess time will tell. Maybe the elves can do something about my gauge when the are done with the fringe...


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