Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things I did this weekend instead of laundry...

Tried to turn Maddie into an agility dog using the box for my Christmas tree. Check out that form! I wonder what I have lying around the house that I could fashion into weave poles.

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Finished stringing the beads for the fringe on my pretty pink scarf. Now I just need to make it into fringe.

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Started playing with my running journal using all of the fun toys Emily sent me. I made these pages for Race for the Cure, which was our first 5K. I don't have any photos so I pieced together the Komen logo out of cardstock. I've decided that hidden tags are a good way to record the embarassing details (e.g. our finish time).

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At least, that was their logo. They recently changed the name and logo for the foundation (the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is now Susan G. Komen for the Cure), I don't know if the race logo will change as well. I hope not - that took forever to cut out.

This next page isn't all that exciting, it is just the page opposite the one above. I decided to make this an 8x8 album. Since I won't have many pictures, I thought it would be easier to fill the smaller pages. The flip side of that is that souvenirs like race numbers pretty much eat up a whole page. Que sera...

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I have a few more pages partially completed, but there's no sense posting them until they are done.

(ed. note: For the record, I managed to get all of my clothes washed and dried, but none of it is folded. I keep moving this colossal pile of clothes back and forth from my bed to my ironing board. Pathetic really)

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Maddie is adorable!


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