Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Out of the Closet

So...I did fall off of the planet and did notice Sarah's subtle chiding to post. was for good reason. I am a volunteer for Hope Closet. Hope Closet is a charity that gives young women free prom dresses so that they may attend their prom regardless of financial constraints. This year we set up our prom boutique for eight days and sent over 400 girls from Metro Detroit to the prom!
By the time we have set up, run the boutique, and packed it all back up...I had quite the prom dress hangover! I thought I might have a few days "off" before began working for 2008, but thankfully no, donations keep coming in, volunteers need to be thanked, bills paid, thank you notes need to be sent...

If you have prom or bridesmaid dresses still in your closet...look and see if their is a similar project in your area. Don't forget those dyed to match shoes and costume jewelry!!!

C' aren't wearing lilac again???? But someone else will...and you can make her sparkly taffeta dreams come true!
Are you in Michigan??? Here is our mailing address:
Hope Closet
PO Box 530413
Livonia, MI 48153


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