Friday, July 06, 2007


Here are two of my projects of late. I was slow to post as I am big on karma and superstition.

Baby One. This is the shower invite for the recipient of the fab-u Duck Hat and Feet.

Yes...I had help with the sewing. But c'mon... there were 55 of them! I also conveniently slammed my thumb into my door the day we assembled them so I was only able to color most of that day. As I am obsessed with theme.... I used the same image to make candy bar wrappers and stamped the front of all of the gift bags. I remembered to pack four different shades of pink soda into my car... and forgot my camera so you just need to trust that the prizes and favors actually happened!

Baby Two. Here is where the superstition comes in... a dear friend of mine adopted her daughter from Guatemala. As an adoptive-mom-to-be, or "waiting mom" for those of you hip to the lingo... I simply HAD to produce the BEST baby gift ever for a fellow a-mommy. BUT...we had to wait and wait and wait for her travel clearance so I didn't want to post these until they were home. They have now been a family of three for two full weeks. So here is part of the baby book I scrapped for her...

Here is perhaps my finest moment as a scrapbooker.... I hand created the flag of Guatemala! Seriously - google all ya want....there is not a 12x12 flag of Guatemala! So the first few pages of her book are the colors from the flag, with country facts from the year she was born as accents. Plenty of pages to scrap their travels. The pages are mostly blank so mom and dad can fill them in. I also threw in the bag blank journaling boxes, pens, tape runner, etc for them to customize at will!

Here is a page with envelopes for her first tooth and first haircut. I apologize for the glare... after my prowess with the flag of Guatemala I just couldn't chance fingerprints!!!

And a page for milestones and firsts. These are mostly blank so their family firsts would have a special spot. The book has a full montage of pages for baptism, the nursery, a shower, first friends, family, etc. that are standard to a baby book. There are also some pages that are a-specific like a foster family page and a "while we waited for you" page. But adoption or not.... this was a SUPER FUN project for any new child as the scrapbook post binding lets you add or subtract from the book as you like or change the order. We'll see if I muster the energy to make more baby books.....


At 4:48 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

If you decide to make another baby book, I have an extra flip flop you can borrow.

Yay for babies coming home!


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