Monday, May 21, 2007


I've been cooking along on the back of my baby sweater. Realistically, it should be done by now, but since the back panel is the largest expanse of uninterupted knitting, it got a little repetitive. I mean c'mon, give a girl an increase or a K2Tog now and then! It is unfortunate that aesthetically, I like very simple patterning but in practice I want a little more action in my knitting.

So I decided to take a break and work on my ducky feet baby socks. Naturally, I didn't actually have the pattern with me when I stopped by The Knit Nook to buy some smaller DPNs. I had swatched my yarn on size 4's and I knew that was too big, so I bought 3's.

Now had I checked my pattern, I would have seen that not only were 4's too big, but they were far enough off that I'd need to go down to 2's. But instead I thought I'd breeze in on my way home from work, buy whatever size DPN's strucky my fancy and be on my way. Which is a pretty good way to guarantee that you buy the wrong size. Which means it will be another day before you can actually get to work on your ducky feet.

(The Knit Nook graciously offered to swap out my needles if I got home and found out I needed a smaller size, but I figure I'll need the 3's sooner or later) More than anything, I'm annoyed that I had to knit 3 gauge swatches for the darn things. Gauge swatches aren't any fun. I really don't want to have to do more than 2.

I finally got things sorted out and should have been able to finish at least one ducky foot last night. In retrospect, I decided I did the increases on the web footing wrong. I was sort of okay with my modified version and was just going to go with it for this pair.

I was all set to bind off last night towards the end of Brothers and Sisters, but then they jumped in the pool and I guess I got distracted and ended up knitting across my cast off row, without actually casting anything off.

I started to back up, but apprently I can't be trusted to tink stitches past my bedtime. I dropped two stitches before I finally went to bed. Hopefully this evening's attempt at the repair will go a bit more smoothly.

Sigh, so much weekend knitting and I don't have a darn thing to show for it. So help me I will have a finished object to show you all soon!



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