Thursday, May 31, 2007

I hate posts without pictures.

For the record, I did finish my second baby ducky foot over the holiday weekend. And I delivered the little feetsies and duck hat to Baby Aubrey.

Unfortunately, I neglected to take a picture before I handed them over. Oops. Hopefully in a few more months when she grows into them, I can get you a picture of the embarassing duck accessories in action.

Oh well, you saw pictures of both earlier. I used Bernat Baby Softee yarn for both the hat and socks. Two strands held together on size 6 DPNs worked out well for the hat. A single strand on size 2 DPNs for the feet. Both patterns were from p2designs. Fun, quick knits despite my slow turn around time.

Since then I have made some progress on my ribbon-edged baby cardigan, but no new pictures for it yet either.

I'll see if I can't cook up some more photogenic craftiness for you soon.



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