Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bad blogger, no biscuit

Alas, the socks I have been working on are still only partially knit. Sorry to all for the lack of updates, but I've been in home improvement mode and it is eating in to my craft time.

I had the brilliant idea to replace all my carpeting with wood laminate. Actually, that idea was okay. It was the idea that I could install it myself where things took a turn for the sucktastic.

Like any good home improvement project, this one has involved more time, more mess, more money and more trips to Lowes that I anticipated. I'm almost done though. I still have a bit of shoe molding to install, and then it is back to the craftiness. (or possibly off to the chiropractor and then back to the craftiness)

The progress so far:


Miss Madeline and the old carpeting. Well, the portion of the carpeting that she didn't chew up during her puppyhood.


Poor Mads. She can't figure out why her butt keeps sliding when she sits on the new floors, but I like 'em.


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