Thursday, July 12, 2007

This tastes...purple

Generally speaking, Emily is way better at creating a themed event than I am.

But I think I gave her a run for her money last night: I give you the first annual purple dinner!

Wait, The First Annual Purple Dinner! (yes, I think it's much better in purple font)

The absurdity began over the weekend at the Farmer's Market. One of the stalls was selling purple beans. They are like green beans, only purple. And then they turn green when you cook them. (I'm sorry - color changing vegetables? where were these when I was a kid?) So much fun.

Later, I was shopping for potatoes, I decided to get (purply red skin potatoes instead of regular ones because I thought they looked nicer with my beans. (don't question the logic). Finally, I came to a stall that had purple bell peppers, at which point I was officially out of control and invited my friends over for purple dinner.

And what kind of theme would it be without appropriate decor?

Earlier in the week, my friend Lizzie sent me this adorable pad of paper. It's actually made from recycled elephant poop (no, seriously check it out). My favorite part is that it is apparently acid-free and suitable for scrapbooking. They even sell poop paper in 12x12 sheets and cardstocks just for crafters. I think it is my favorite new craft supply. But for our immediate need, see how some of the papers are purple? Can you say placecards? So great.

In the category of slightly less funny, but still pretty I picked up a purple flower at the Farmer's Market. Conveniently I already had a purple bud vase.

And you can't talk about a dinner party without talking about dinner. Voila, the purple dinner menu:

(Purple) red skin potatoes roasted with butter and herbs and a bit of purple basil.

Roasted eggplant with yellow squash and purple peppers.

Purple green beans.

Purple chicken (more or less coq au vin without the tomatoes, the red wine turns it a lovely lavender).

(Purple) red leaf lettuce and mixed greens salad, with (purple) blueberries.

And for dessert, pound cake topped with (purple) blackberries.

Once my friends came over, I forgot to take pictures of the finished products so you'll have to forgive me for the photos of the leftovers I packed for lunch today.

I must say that for such a ridiculous exercise, it all came out quite tasty. I'll have to see what kind of beating a dead horse dinner party I can host next.



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