Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Toys and New Projects

My birthday was last week and I scored some fantastic new crafty toys. (I also scored tickets to go see Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello - thanks Mom & Dad!) Presents totally rule.

Check out the adorable stickers my friend Tammy sent:

So perfect for Maddie's puppy scrapbook. See the one of the little devil with the sock in its mouth? Doesn't it look like devil Maddie?

(Although Maddie seems to favor chewing on my new rug to chewing on socks)

And holy crap, look at the crapper keeper, I mean scrapping tote my sister and brother-in-law gave me! It's friggin' huge. The box was ginormous. So fun.

As if that weren't enough, when you opened it up, there was all this too:

Honest to God scrapping supplies - not flip flops and whatever else I usually decide to chop up and glue to a page. I'm so fancy I can hardly stand myself. The nice thing is that now I can keep my toys some place accessible, yet still packed and out of the way if I have people over. (quite the upgrade from my current strategy of having papers and markers and gluesticks exploding all over my bedroom)

I keep putting all of my toys inside and the pulling them out and rearranging them and putting them back inside. It's like an anal-retentive field day.

As for actual crafting, I've started to work on some Cascade Fixation ankle socks designed by the lovely Turtlegirl. Since I went with solid colors instead of self-striping yarn, I thought they wanted a bit of a contrast color for the heel and toe. So, pink and orange it is.

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