Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Birth Mom Socks!

I don't think that I have previously mentioned that I am waiting to adopt a niece or nephew. Or more accurately, my (occasional co-blogger) sister and brother-in-law are waiting to adopt a baby and I am way WAY WAYexcited about becoming an aunt.

Months ago, a poster on the knittyboard suggested handknit socks as a gift for a potential birth mom. I thought this was a fantastic idea - although I had never made socks before. My inaugural (okay, practice) socks went to my sister - I didn't want to mess up the birthmom ones. Then, I started to make these:

And now, finally, I have finished them. (Please note the fancy pants sock blockers made from a clearanced out Halloween placemat)

In the meantime, my sister and brother-in-law have matched with a potential birthmom!!! And she is due in the next few weeks!!! Yay!!! Baby!!!

It is pretty clear what our family is going to be grateful for this year at Thanksgiving. The nature of adoption means that nothing is certain until everything is finalized, but as you can see, I'm completely over the moon with excitement.

Please keep this amazing woman, this little baby and our family in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.

How do you thank someone for such an awesome gift? Well, I decided to go with socks. And while I realize that socks could never compare to the gift of a baby, I did have to learn the kitchener stitch in order to make them. Surely that counts for something, right? (no? damn)

The crafty details:

These are Cascade Fixation Ankle Socks made with TurtleGirl's pattern. I used US #2 needles and cast on 62 stitches. I used exactly one ball of orange and maybe 1/3 of a ball of the pink.

I have another ball of orange that is destined to be a matching hat for the little one, but I'm not done yet. Stay tuned - I suspect there will be a lot of baby knitting in my future.



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