Monday, September 24, 2007

Vicarious Card Swapping, Part 1

This is a pretty good scam - my sister (and occasional co-blogger) frequently organizes/participates in card swaps at her local scrapbooking store. I guess everyone brings enough materials that everybody can trying making everyone else's cards.

Or if you live in another state (like me), and someone doesn't show up for the swap, you get an envelope full of materials in the mail without having to make any effort whatsoever. See? Told you it was a good scam.

Em saved me the extra kits and mailed them down with photocopies of her finished cards.
I went on a cutting and pasting binge over the weekend. See? (I was out of control with the new camera battery, so this may end up being 2 posts)
I liked this baby card kit - in part because I am not any good with stamping, or inking, or tearing edges, or any of the other fancy things happening on the center panel of this one.
But conveniently, the heavy lifting was already done for me. I also liked that there seemed to be enough ingredients for a second card.
I didn't totally follow how this car card was constructed based on the photocopies, so I kind of made it up.
I also wasn't that sure on the intent - at first I was thinking the race cars were some sort of "I'm in such a rush, just a quick note to say hello" kind of greeting. But then I thought it would be kind of crappy if you spent so much time handcrafting cards that you didn't have time to keep in touch with your friends (not to say I haven't done it, I just think you have to be more subtle about it).
Conveniently, I find I have need for a "thanks for helping me replace my hubcaps after some @sshole stole them off my car in broad daylight while I was at work" greeting card this week. So that's what this will be.



At 1:13 PM, Blogger Rebel said...

LOL.... yeah, my sister makes cards, and they're very pretty, but it does seem like she takes so much time on the card that she doesn't have time to write much *in* the card. Oh well, they look cute on my bookshelf.


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