Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Step away from the glue gun...

I think I am officially excited about Halloween (which is but 2 weeks away my crafty procrastinators)...

In case anyone is wondering why the kitchen floor didn't get washed last night, it's because I was making these:

Scary skeleton napkin rings using the felt that was left over from the costume I made Maddie wear last year. Vaguely inspired by Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the super-great Day of the Dead projects you can find on the Crafty Chica's website. Vague inspiration is as good as it gets around here, since I am generally too lazy to follow directions.

Then, since I was glue gun-happy, I also made some pumpkin ones. And some candy corn ones. I was a little out of control with it all. At present they are operating as tea towel rings, since I don't actually have Halloween-themed napkins, but you get the general idea.



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